Denomination of Origin ToroCañus Verus Viñas Viejas

Tasting notes

It is an exceptional wine elaborated 100% with Tinta de Toro grapes from vines with more than 80 years old. Perfectly integrated with the wood that provides its stay in a selection of french and american oak casks for 10-12 months and resting in bottle for at least 12 months, before its comercialization.

Vintage: 2016
Alcohol degrees: 14,5% vol.

90 points. Guía Peñín de los Vinos de España 2012

Gold Medal. International Wine Challenge Catavinum 2012

Gold. Premios Manojo 2012

Gold. Premios Zarcillo 2013

At the right temperature and opening the bottle a short while before serving, allowing it to breath, Cañus Verus opens and acquires its full potential and complexity that identifies it as one of the best wines from the Denomination of Origin Toro.